Book Review; Charade (Games #1) by Nyrae Dawn

I have a theory. Albeit a boy is a prick half the time, almost all the time, as long as he love and respect and honor his mother, he's good. But when you see he can yell on his mom or even can hit her, that's a green sign to go run away. You can't rely on a man who can't take care of a girl(s) of his whole life. A mother and sister(s), those people are a mirror of you. Well, I hope I can explain it right... The point is, our hero here is in a lot of pain because he loves his dying Mama. And I love him for that...

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original title Charade
Published October 22nd 2012
ISBN13; 2940015495874

Goodreads Said.....

Nineteen-year-old Cheyenne tries to portray the perfect life to mask the memories of her past. Walking in on her boyfriend with another woman her freshman year in college threatens that picture of perfection.

Twenty-one-year-old Colt never wanted college and never expected to amount to anything, but when his mom's dying wish is for him to get his degree, he has no choice but to pretend it's what he wants too.

Cheyenne needs a fake boyfriend to get back at her ex and Colt needs cash to take care of his mom, so they strike a deal that helps them both. But what if Cheyenne’s past isn’t what she thought? Soon they’re trading one charade for another—losing themselves in each other to forget about their pain. The more they play their game, the more it becomes the only thing they have that feels real.

Both Cheyenne and Colt know life is never easy, but neither of them expect the tragedy that threatens to end their charade and rip them apart forever.
My Rating

So, I like this book! Beside that Nyrae Dawn is a great writer (I love how she build her story and make it real) I like how mess-up our main character's life. I like how they strong and learn to be strong because life's games are just hard on them. And I like how this book take us to learn that maybe your life is so cruel, but you always can see and find the silver line as long as you let your eyes open. Don't be blind and always make yourself a victim all the time. You can't be strong unless you push yourself to. Stop self-pitying yourself and open your eyes. Take all the helps you can get if you need to.

Well, this book is the first book from Games series by Nyrae Dawn. When I decided to grab and read this book, I actually still reading 3 other books that I have no urge to continuing (is that the right word?? continuing?).

"What is it about me that makes people think they can take advantage and toss me aside? Why am I so easy to betray?"  

And this line that make me thing like "Ok! I stay with this book". 

Isn't we ever feel this feeling too? like people around us is just 'take advantage and toss us aside'? and then we think that the wisest thing to keep us save from a heartbroken is to never let anybody come near us? And I'm that girl. I still that kind of girl who keep everyone as far as possible. No one can break your heart when they never touch it. But is that 'safe' is really safe for us?? Nobody can help us when we never let them try.. (well, talk is easy. I know!!! That's why is just talk ^^)